I posted this earlier in another thread but I don't think it was useful as it does not do justice to the title I used. Here is what I wrote w/a bit of it cut out:

I am going the Arca Swiss path and am going to use a wooden back like Kerry did with his Lotus 4X10.

Either I find something old or even a newer type camera and pay the bill just for the rear part OR I get lucky and find a Lotus WP conversion kit for $500 off Ebay Germany

Dilema=First one is the back and opinions are greatly sought:

1) Do I find a wood camera off Ebay, take off the back, and use it?


2) Do I find a person that will craft this back to the GG size I want and then a reduction back/s if I want them done?

SECOND Dilema:

I know an 8X10 camera just for the back can be purchased off Ebay. I also know that finding a WP spring based back is like finding the old style 5X7 bookform holders. Soooo...it brings me to my dilema:

1) IF I did an 8X10 primary back, but used a WP reduction back most of the time, how much weight would a WP primary backed camera be by comparison to an 8X10 one that uses the WP as a reduction back?

This may not make sense, but what I am asking is...

2) Take an 8X10 camera that is being used with a WP reduction back and compare that in both "size" (size/compactness of camera) AND weight to a camera that has a primary WP back...

How much of a difference in the size/weight would I be looking at in this scenario???

Here's all I can think up if I went the 8X10 route:

1) Bellows will be larger to fit the primary 8X10 back.
2) A WP reducer is still going to be on an 8X10 piece of wood to fit the primary 8X10 Back.
3) The metal bracket that goes around the frame "may" be a little heavier, but this is likely negligable.
4) Of course the camera, when stored away will have an 8X10 sized frame instead of a 6.5X8.5 frame when it is stored (remember this back will be disassembled since it will be part of the Arca Swiss system).

Thanks everyone for your help.