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Thread: Hello/Goodbye?

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    Re: Hello/Goodbye?

    I would look on eBay for completed listings to get an idea on what it is worth. Then post to eBAY. I might also post in the 8x10 and larger for some of your items as it is a well watched section of eBay. You can always post local pick up for your heavy darkroom equipment. Craigslist is a good suggestion as well. Best of luck, sorry to hear you have to leave the hobby...

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    Re: Hello/Goodbye?

    Quote Originally Posted by Northwest View Post
    Hello, everyone. My name is Mason Frichette. I live in Washington State, and I first got into large format photography in the late 1970s.

    Sadly, my introduction to the Large Format Photography website heralds my exit from large format photography. In truth, Iíve been inactive for some time now, but Iím about to take the irreversible, but necessary, step of selling my equipment.

    Iíve looked around the site a bit, and Iíve concluded it would have been nice if this site had existed when I was actively photographing. At this point, the features of most interest to me ó out of necessity ó are the buying and selling forums.

    Selling my equipment is not something I will enjoy, but health problems (and the associated expenses) are not going to disappear, and itís time to do what I must.

    I have cameras (4x5, 5x7, and 8x10), lenses (90mm to 450mm), and accessories (e.g., Pentax Digital Spotmeter, Minolta Autometer IIIF, tripod/head, filters, etc.). Currently, my darkroom equipment is being stored in Colorado, so I donít have ready access to it. I guess when Iíve sold my camera equipment, Iíll figure out what to do about my darkroom equipment (Durst Laborator 184 8x10 enlarger, numerous lenses, and virtually everything else (except the ďkitchenĒ sink ó or in this case, the darkroom sink, which I've already sold).

    So far, I havenít offered anything for sale on this site, in part because Iíve been gathering information on prices, but also because I havenít decided whether it would be better to offer the equipment here or on eBay.

    I wish my circumstances were different, but as the saying goes ďif wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.Ē Unfortunately, Iím permanently out of the saddle, and I'm hoping to avoid begging. I would welcome any advice that anyone can offer on prices or where and how best to sell my equipment. Because I need the money (and Iím not just emptying the closets), I do need to get as much as I reasonably can. However, Iím interested in ďfairĒ prices that reflect the quality and condition of the equipment, and Iím certainly not interested in taking advantage of anyone.

    What is the best way to ask about pricing information for specific items? I noticed that one person said he was using a particular piece of equipment, so I sent him a message (with apologies) asking for some information, but I never received a reply. I don't know if he was annoyed by my request and chose not to respond, or if he even saw the message. I don't want to bother anyone, but I could use some advice about current prices. (Note: I've been looking at items bought and sold here and elsewhere, so I have a better idea now than when I decided I would need to sell my equipment.) Still, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello Mason! Or anyone who might know him. I am trying to find him as he took some photographs of me in the '80s which I would like to own now! If you know how to contact him, please contact me at Thank you, Libby


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