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Thread: "Spindle" for the Epson Pro Stylus 7500

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    "Spindle" for the Epson Pro Stylus 7500

    I have a Epson Pro Stylus 7500 set up with MIS Ultratone ink and IJC/OPM from Bowhaus. It works like a charm, the only thing is that I don´t have the paper roll spindle that keeps the paper roll in place.

    That means I do have the metal rod, so the roll kan be threaded onto this before printing, but i miss the plastic parts that mounts on each end of the roll.

    I have contacted dealers here in Norway, and theycan´t help me. Does any of you now companies that may have this part in stock?

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    Re: "Spindle" for the Epson Pro Stylus 7500

    the spindle for the 7500 has been carried on to the 7600, 7800 and now the current 7880. If you don't want to get a new spindle (US$150) the easiest thing to do would be to grab the plastic pieces that come with your rolls, carefully cut a hole in the center and use that to hold it onto the spindle. It's not a perfect solution but it's free.

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