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Thread: Users Group in Phoenix?

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    Users Group in Phoenix?

    Dear All, I'm a LF newbie. Is there/Are there any groups or photo clubs in the P hoenix that might offer some type of interaction other than typing usenet messag es? I for one would rather go out and take some photos with others who have both the time and experience to share with others. I would even consider organizing a "workshop" (very loose term), where a local LF "guru" (another loose term), co uld be paid to spend a weekend or sequence of weekends with a small group of LF "users". No major claims would be put forth, just talk shop and shoot film. Can anyone suggest a place to start. Would anyone like to volunteer a friend as "Gur u" for a weekend? Ross (I copied Damon because it was perfect)

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    Users Group in Phoenix?

    Ross, I assume you've had your question answered by now. Yes, there are gurus, and yes, there is a focal point around which LF folks seem to coalesce -- it's a special course at SCC taught by Rod Klukas. If you need lots more information, reply and I'll try to help.

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