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Thread: Large Format Digitial Photo Printing in MONTREAL

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    Re: Large Format Digitial Photo Printing in MONTREAL

    This is too funny...kinda like Victoria is a funny place. Shouldn't this thread be wiped out?

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    Re: Large Format Digitial Photo Printing in MONTREAL

    Hi again!

    I am definitely responsible for the postings related to the events / activities of the lab.
    I am definitely not responsible for the other postings.

    We don't need or ask for endorsements. Besides, being a pro lab, why would we create an endorsement from somebody who signs himself as an 'amateur protographer'?

    The bottom line is: truth (can be/is) funnier than fiction.

    Anyway, it was suggested to me that I participate in discussions with members here as opposed to posting "PRESS RELEASES". So I will follow the advice given.

    P.S. There is a lab in VANCOUVER that also has an LPS-24 to print large format prints.


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    Re: Large Format Digitial Photo Printing in MONTREAL

    "Large Format Digitial Photo Printing in MONTREAL"

    Sorry to have to correct this but it's digital, not digitial Also, how much is it for coloured prints 18 x 24? I need to make prints of my artwork for school.

    Thanks a bunch,


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    Re: Large Format Digitial Photo Printing in MONTREAL

    You need to understand that all the voices in your head are not there is no need for a profile for each of them, maybe keep it down to the one or two with good ideas.

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