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Thread: Review of Feisol CT-3442 tripod

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    Re: Review of Feisol CT-3442 tripod

    I have the Feisol 3442. Compared to my non-carbon 14XX series Gitzo, it's not nearly as finely crafted. But I don't think it needs to be. And I'm an engineer who loves precision as much as the next engineer.

    I typically use the 3442 with a Kirk BH-3 and Kirk plates. I have the Feisol medium ball head as well as a back-up.

    This combo has been more than adequate for a Hasselblad with a 250mm and 2x tele-extender, as well as for a Toyo AII and a 5x7 Deardorff with an average size lens (one I'm willing to hike with, and not a moster). The tripod IS light, but comes with a center-hook as standard and my camera bag, etc usually weigh enough to hold the thing down in moderate winds.

    If winds are going to be low, I'd use it with my 8x10 and a pan-tilt head, but haven't tried it in the field yet. I'd preferably go with the Gitzo for serious 8x10, especially if I was shooting with the camera at a severe tilt.

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    Re: Review of Feisol CT-3442 tripod

    I have a Berlebach with the leveling base which is great but I do not find it a suitable repalcement for a tripod head. It is a pain to screw the base of the camera into the large screw. I investigated buying a quick release system from RRS and that would be expensive. In the end, I bought a ball head.

    I also have one of the Feisol tripods, the 3 section "Tournament" legs. It is great and has replaced my Berlebach for the most part for 4x5. I too don't care for the twist lock mechanism but the Feisol mechanism is at least equal to that on my smaller Gitzo tripod. My Feisol has a flat plate with no center column so it is extremely light. An Arca ball head works great on that with minimal additional weight. I have an Acratech ball head which is lighter than the Arca but not as solid.

    I fussed a lot before I bought the Feisol but now consider it a no-brainer for a carbon fiber tripod for large format. Great tripod for the money.

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