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Thread: Best LF accessories?

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    Best LF accessories?

    What do you consider the best recently developed LF accessories?

    See my accompanying thread. I consider Readyloads and the Gnass Ready Load File to be two of the best. Lightweight and convenient, I can carry far more film in a organized way than I ever could before.

    And also........Carbon Fiber anything. Between my camera and my tripod. my arthritic joints applaud.

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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    I think the best LF related accessory I've ever purchsed was the simple Rodenstock/Linos shtter spanner - wrench thingy. Next best was the pair of +3 reading glasses that I got from the drug store.

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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    The BTZS "dark cloth" sold by The View Camera Store. If I had to carry and use the old "horse blanket" dark cloth I started out with I would have given up LF photography a long time ago.
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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    There are a lot of interesting LF accessories. My favorite is the Wiggly Worn sells by Robert White (See

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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    Really Right Stuff stuff.
    Greg Lockrey

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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    As I stated in the previous thread, the Photobackpacker system. A brilliant system for those long distance hikes; everything is well organized and exceptionally well protected using the very lightweight lens enclosures Bruce has designed. Not to mention, Bruce will make a custom enclosure to your specification if you are shooting with monorails (or flatbeds that he currently does not have listed on his website). The harness system on the GG Nimbus 3800 makes the LowePro dedicated photo backpacks a joke. In fact, I will probably be putting up three LowePro backpacks for sale soon if I cannot sell them locally. Bruce has done the LF community a big favor with his system-I applaud his efforts and highly recommend the product.

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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    The Plamp is pretty cool. Very light weight, easily holds a Gray card to act as a lens shade.

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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    A good bubble level. Particularly if your camera doesn't have a built-in one.

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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    Recently developed is where this gets tricky as it takes a Jobo out of the mix.

    I really like the new lava/basalt series of tripods made by Giottos and Gitzo. I have used the Giottos version and it is less expensive than CF, very rigid, tough, light and seems to dampen vibration better than CF. It would be my first choice for a new tripod.
    Eric Biggerstaff

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    Re: Best LF accessories?

    This isn’t new, I’ve had mine for over 20 years, but it is something I can’t live without.

    It doesn’t work with my new Feisol tripod so I am working on making one.

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