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Thread: How many sheets of the same composition

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    How many sheets of the same composition

    How many sheets of film of the same composition do you shoot at the same f/stop, same shutter speed. I shoot two sheets. Too many times I would discover spots where it is most difficult to get rid of (sky area). Now, of course, none of the negatives show any spots - Murphy's Law in reverse.
    Just curious as to your shooting habits.

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    Keith Pitman

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    I am an amateur and only need to satisfy myself, so I shoot just one frame.

    However, if I am photographing for someone else I will do several of the same subject, but with different position, time, aperture etc. That way I can present more than one successful unique photograph.

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    I just shoot one. It is expensive enough.
    If I do shoot a second one, it is with a slightly different exposure, and only in difficult situations.

    If have not had any problems with spots as I only use Quickloads.
    After the processing, my slides are scanned, and a dust spot could easily be removed in PS.

    What I do sometimes is shoot the same scene on 4x5 and on 6x9cm, using a shorter lens for 6x9, in order to keep the composition (almost) identical.

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    For far-away places, usually two - that way I have a backup neg should one get damaged. I feel the cost of the extra sheet of film is small compared to the expense of getting there.

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    just one for me. I suppose if I went somewhere far away that I wouldn't get a practical chance to go to again, I might take a few extra exposures.

    Quite often, I'll take another exposure with a slightly different composition (usually a vertical, and a horizontal) but not for the purpose of a 'backup', just for a different take on the subject.

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    Typically one. I'll burn two if I I'm worried about motion due to wind, or if the clouds are rapidly changing, that sort of thing. I may do two if I'm worried about DOF in which case I'll change the f/stop and shutter speed, but I keep the same exposure.

    I used to shoot two of everything, but over time I learned that I never used the duplicates. I got good enough setting exposures that I didn't need to bracket, and good enough at processing that I don't destroy much film that way. In other words, it ceased to be a good value to shoot in-the-field-dups. So I quit.

    That's the key I think. If you think shooting duplicates is a good value for you, then go for it. If not, don't. All depends on what makes a comfortable workflow for you.

    Bruce Watson

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    In general two. If I don't process the duplicate, the cost is less than one dollar with the cheap film I am using. Even if eventually processed identical (most of the time), the duplicate is useful for sending out.

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    If the image is interesting, but not more than that, one sheet. If I see something which really grabs me as something special, two sheets in order to have a backup if something goes wrong during development, etc. (I've learned that even if a location is local, and I can go back, its never the same the second time, so the issue for me isn't so much distance, as whether the image really seems special at the time.)

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    Re: How many sheets of the same composition

    Two always for insurance, if the light or clouds are changing rapidly, there is no limit if I think the image is important.

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