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Thread: What's new at Photokina 2000?

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    What's new at Photokina 2000?

    What's new in large format lenses, cameras, film, etc. introduced at Photokina 2000? I searched for websites on this subject without success. I look forward to your response. Thank

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    What's new at Photokina 2000?

    Kodak redesigned ReadyLoad packets: eadyloadMain.shtml

    Schneider introduced new lenses:

    Arca-Swiss showed geared Orbix (axial tilt)

    Fuji introduced new films (but not in sheets yet)

    Cahnam showed a 6x17 back.

    That's all I know of.

    Don't think Rodenstock showed any new lenses?

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    What's new at Photokina 2000?

    "Don't think Rodenstock showed any new lenses? "

    2 new lenses but both are in the Apo Sironar Digital HR series.

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