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Thread: Sharpest Large Format lenses.

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    Sharpest Large Format lenses.


    I'm considering a purchase of a Fotoman 624 camera with either a 90mm or 180mm focal length lens. I would like to do larger print sizes (up to 24 inch high), therefore I would like to know if anyone can recommend any sharp/contrasty lenses for those focal lengths as that criteria is of utmost importance. I have used a 90mm Nikkor before and was pleased with the results (before my equipment got stolen), but is the premium on cost worth the quality one can get from Schneider or Rodenstock lenses? Or is there really no discernal difference between the major large format carriers in terms of sharpness.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

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    Re: Sharpest Large Format lenses.

    If you want a modern 90mm lens for 6x24cm, the latest lenses from Schneider and Rodenstock are probably the only options that cover the format, and don't forget to include the cost of a center filter.

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    Re: Sharpest Large Format lenses.

    AFAIK, Nikkor is out of the LF lens business. I would hazard to guess that you'll find considerable variations between lenses of the same manufacturer so if sharpness is uber critical you might want to have a dozen or so lenses tested by an independent lab and then take your pick. Thats probably what NASA would do (whether or not you'd want to jump through those hoops is up to you!) I think I'd be quite satisfied with either a Grandagon or Super Angulon and it wouldn't even have to be a new one.
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    Re: Sharpest Large Format lenses.

    One of the sharpest 180's I've ever used is the little Fujinon F9a. 90's mostly look the same to me but I own the Rodenstock.
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