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Thread: where can i see your work?

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    where can i see your work?

    Warning: most of the work displayed is medium format and 35mm. But there will be large format stuff there soon.

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    where can i see your work?

    I have some photos at under galleries...public portfolios by artist.....scroll down to my name. 4X5 & medium format.

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    where can i see your work?

    If your site has any substantial amount of LF images, please add a link to it using < a href = ""> Links to LF photographers</a> from the main page. I know there are already lots of links there, but in the future I'll try to provide a more user-friendly presentation.

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    where can i see your work?

    Only one image at present: ts1/trevor.html

    Thanks, Trevor.

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    where can i see your work?

    If you're not afraid for the finnish language, take a look at Mostly pictures with 6x17 and 8x10.

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    where can i see your work?

    Have any of you considered attaching your page to the list of L.F. photographers here?

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    where can i see your work?

    Ah, a legit excuse here for shameless self promotion...


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    where can i see your work?

    Have I met you? I met someone who shoots HABS/HAER in Oregon at the Historic Roads conference in Morristown, NJ a few months ago. I also do HABS/HAER extensively, but here on the East Coast mainly, though I've done the Klamath County Courthouse and the Molalla High School in 8x10 out your way. I do not have a site as of yet but will soon I hope. We are working on it.

    Rob Tucher

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    where can i see your work?

    In addition to my personal homepage at:

    You can also see some of my work on the PhotoTripUSA site at: (Pacific Northwest Showcase) (National Parks of the West Showcase)


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    where can i see your work?

    I finally got my site back up and working (@Home made some changes, thank you very little) and am in the process of getting things reformatted so there may be some inconsistency in the way pages look. That being said, here's my site:

    Like so many of the others I have enjoyed seeing all of you folks labors, congratulations and thanks for sharing.

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