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Thread: very urgent - please help me

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    very urgent - please help me

    Dear Sirs/Moms,

    Please ca anyone help us. We have purchase a AGFA AVENTRA, model: 36/44S and serial no:1883.

    There is an error occurs during bootup, the error icon and Plus button appear on the control panel ( error 149 ) and I press Plus button within ten second, but the system cannot bypass the error and complete its bootup.
    Now I don't know,if the error is software problem, how can i run it? what shoud I do?

    we need to be trained etc.Can any one help us out.
    [email deleted ]

    Best Regard
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    Re: very urgent - please help me

    Sounds like you need a service call from a qualified technician. A Google search on "Agfa Avantra" turns up numerous potential sources.

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    Thanks for your support, and i did it but i want to check

    Dear Sir

    Thanks for your support, and i did it but i try to check my chance in this way too, because i couldn't find anybody to give the solution, i will try again.

    Thanks a lot again
    Best Regard

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