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Thread: Sites within 200m of Vegas?

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    Sites within 200m of Vegas?

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to float a question out for anyone who has interesting sites to shoot wit hin a two hundred mile radius of Las Vegas (Nevada). Thats my limit for a daytr ip and I am starting to run a little thin on places I haven't visited a couple t imes. Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Sites within 200m of Vegas?

    Death Valley is certainly one of my favorite places. Be warned though, it's huge (the size of Connecticut!) and a day trip will be a long day indeed. It takes about two hours to get to Beatty, NV which is at the eastern portal to the park. Near Beatty is Rhyolite, a ghost town with some interesting photographic opportunities. Or, you could enter the park a bit south at Death Valley Junction. There, you'll get very near the Amorgosa Opera House, another interesting piece of architecture. I would get some maps and guides to the park and plan any day trip very carefully. I would also avoid it during the hot weather. April, May and later in October or the winter months can be very pleasant. South of DV are some salt pinnacles. I've never been there, but their location appears on most maps of the area. Please visit the Death Valley section of my web site to see some examples of what's possible.

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    Sites within 200m of Vegas?

    I assume you already considered Bryce and Zion? The two local landscapes to shoot are Valley of Fire and Red Rock...however, both of these are insignficant vs. Bryce and Zion. Mt. Charleston, 20 miles, has Apsens in full color right now. South on the strip, 15 miles there is some flat dried up lake beds that are neat....

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    Sites within 200m of Vegas?

    Get a map. Look for places with lots of Parks, areas of interest, tourist destinations, etc. Go the opposite direction.

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