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Thread: New web site in response to request

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    New web site in response to request

    Over the last few years I have received a multitude of request to establish a we b page to highlight some of the images that I have taken in various countries ar ound the world. In response I would like to share a small cross section of these images that have been taken in Brazil, Oman, India, Nepal and Thailand. The new ly launched we site is :

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    New web site in response to request

    I enjoy seeing other people's pictures, and this is the best laid out site I have visited. Not too big, not too small and in neat sections to be savored without becoming overstuffed. I was nearly crucified on another forum by responding to "what do you think?" with "Don't quit your day job." THIS is how it should be done. Mitch

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    New web site in response to request

    I'm impressed. Nice images. Very nice layout. Do you print your own images? James

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