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    Black Velvet

    As you can see, this was originally posted a while back on the site . I'm almost done with my refurbishing of a Crown Graphic, and this is the last thing I need. Any help would be appreciated.

    >Posted by W. Joseph Christiansen on May 16, 1997 at 18:23:59:

    >Howdy! Can you tell me where I might find the black velvet light leak >strip stuff on the backs of Graflex cameras? I just don't know what >it's called.

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    Black Velvet


    Roaming around in a cloth store, I found some black velvet by "mistake" while looking for light-weight dark cloth material. Look around the dress trimmings/g arnishings areas. It comes in 1/4" width rolls, perfect for light traps on graph lok backs. I used some on a Linhof technika and it fits perfectly. I had ordered some before from Marflex to use on another technika, thinking it was some exoti c hard to find material. They sent me three strips and charged $12. From the clo th store it cost about $0.25 per foot, and it's exactly the same stuff. A conta ct cement can be used on the backing to apply. Good luck.

    Regards, Vishal

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    Black Velvet

    Thanks Vishal.

    While in the hardware store last night, by accident I stumbled on what's called "Protective Pads." Basically they're thin velvet sheets with an adhesive backing. They're used to stick on the bottom of ash trays, lamps, and such to help prevent damage to furniture surfaces. They were the right length, so all I had to do was cut them to the correct width , and tape them in.

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