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Thread: Narrowing down film choices for 7-day trip.

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    Re: Narrowing down film choices for 7-day trip.

    i would take one slide film, one C41 and one B&W. i love velvia 100F but you say you have 100, so i am not sure. you can not go wrong with any of them. flip a coin.

    80 sheets sound good, maybe 50 sheets B&W and 25 each for color and E6. . the x ray should not hurt the film. ask for a hand check....better yet ship it ahead to yourself. i use the USPS priority mail. ship it to "your name" at whatever PO you will be near. you can find a PO at you can use delivery confirmation and will be able to verify it has arrived before you leave....just in case. i have done this with my film and 2 LF cameras with great success.


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    Re: Narrowing down film choices for 7-day trip.

    Really...? You can ship to yourself at any PO?

    Wow...I never knew that! I'll have to try that sometime...

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    Re: Narrowing down film choices for 7-day trip.

    Quote Originally Posted by PViapiano View Post
    Really...? You can ship to yourself at any PO?

    Wow...I never knew that! I'll have to try that sometime...
    Yes - this is straightforward in most countries.

    If you come to the UK for instance, and you know whereabouts you're staying and where the local post-office is, just send the items to yourself at the post office address labelled clearly: "POSTE RESTANTE".

    It will be held for you up to 3 months.

    The really good thing is, that you can send yourself too much film, fail to collect the excess and get it sent back home without being x-rayed

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    Re: Narrowing down film choices for 7-day trip.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rider View Post
    The first choice I made was to use only Quickloads, Readyloads and Polaroid sheets, despite the cost.

    Provia RDPIII
    Velvia 100
    Astia 100F
    Kodak E100G
    Fuji 160C
    Fuji Acros
    RTPII 64T
    Polaroid 55
    There are of course many ways to do this. What I do in similar circumstances is to use as few film types as possible, that are as versatile as possible.

    From the list you have above, I'd pick just two - the Fuji 160C and Acros. Both come in Quickloads. Both have excellent reciprocity characteristics. Acros is an excellent B&W film.

    The 160C is a negative film which can cover any subject brightness range (SBR) you come across, from working in shadows under an overcast sky at dusk to full midday sun.

    If you wanted more saturation from your color negative film, you could use Readyloads instead - 160PortraVC is an excellent general purpose film that excels at portraits, but also excels with landscape. And you could substitute 100Tmax for the Acros so you could stay with a single film holder style.

    Whichever way you go, using fewer films is good for a couple of reasons. One is that it cuts down on confusion in the field. The other is you lessen the risk of needing a particular tranny film for a set of conditions only to find that you've run out of that particular film.

    I'm just saying that the KISS principle is a good one.

    Bruce Watson

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    Re: Narrowing down film choices for 7-day trip.

    I've never thought of Astia as an overcast day film.

    I'd take the Provia and the 160C and leave the b&w (with b&w filters) home. Shoot the neg for people and interiors. Also take a warning filter for the Provia.

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