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Thread: Microtek M1 Scanner

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    Re: Microtek M1 Scanner

    Ted Harris gave the M1 an optical resolution of 2400-2600dpi, which is significantly higher than the 2000dpi optical resolution of the Epsons (my own estimate). I hear conflicting stories of how the M1 compares to the Epsons. Some say it's about the same, but if the M1 really does have 2400-2600dpi optical, then the pictures should look significantly sharper than the Epsons.

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    Re: Microtek M1 Scanner

    If you aren't getting at least 2400 ppi out of your V750 either the film isn't being held flat and/or at the right suspension height to match the optics for your particular scanner unit. Do some tests and shim your holder in increments that are a fraction of a mm. You can use cut report covers, sheets of mylar or even thin business cards for quick tests. It is highly likely you will probably find a "sweet spot" that is better than your film holder's base height.

    Doug Fisher

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