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Thread: Cleaning glass on Epson 2450 made big difference

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    Cleaning glass on Epson 2450 made big difference

    I was having trouble with the shadows turning magenta and always adjusted them out in photoshop but was having trouble with streaks in some 6x9 negatives. I decided that the calibration part of the glass might be dirty and the bottom of the glass did show show some fogging up. I found out how to remove the top (2 screws under the top cover hinges) and cleaned it with windex. Now the magenta shadows are gone but does still have overall magenta cast which is easier to deal with.

    One thing I can't understand. When scanning a 4x5 transparency at 100% there is just a little grain but scanning a 6x9 Fuji neg there is tons of grain. I thought that maybe because I was using NHG11 800 speed dated in 2001 but ran some very fresh Fuji pro160C with same results. Also the streaks are still there on the negatives but not the transparancies. The negs were developed by the largest pro lab in the midwest. It's not enough grain or streaking that it will show up in an 8x10 I just printed. Tonight I can post some pictures to show what I mean.

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    Re: Cleaning glass on Epson 2450 made big difference

    I do have to say that perhaps the biggest problem with grain in the 6x9's is that the neg. was underexposed and my auto settings in the scanner software or photoshop were increasing contrast and color to the point of adding the noise. With a more "conventional" picture properly exposed the grain isn't too bad. Should make a decent 11x14 from 6x9.

    I did just have some 16x20's made from my 4x5 digital files that look great. No grain in the blue sky at all, very sharp, and no color problems. 4x5 should go to 20x24 no problem.

    I will have to say though that with scenery pictures my Epson 870 with good paper is equivalent to photo's done at the lab but with skin tones I'm not able to be satisfied.

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    Re: Cleaning glass on Epson 2450 made big difference

    care to share the name of that lab?


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    Re: Cleaning glass on Epson 2450 made big difference

    The lab is Miller's out of Pittsburg, KS. Wonderful lab that specializes in portrait work and not commercial at all. They don't do any E6 work which I wish they did. I sent in pictures on a Saturday through their prepaid envelope via cd and got the prints back on Tuesday via FedEx. It used to be that you had to be "accepted" to use their services (I did portrait work for about 10yrs parttime) but since about 3 yrs ago they quit having to accept new members and afaik will take anyone that has a business acct. Used to develop over a million rolls of 120 film a yr but that's been going down of course. They also have a digital lab in Columbia, Missouri. They're amateur business is called Mpix. and you see it advertised in the photo publications.

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