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Thread: A big hello from Canada

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    Re: A big hello from Canada

    Ah, film is long from dead. Hence the re-introduction of Velvia 50 from Fuji and SFX from Ilford. If there was no market demand, there would be no reason to bring these films back. My belief is that the market has settled down and at the end of the day there is still a viable and profitable market for film (at least this is what I keep telling myself after dropping a bundle on LF )

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    Re: A big hello from Canada

    WOW! talk about great news! if my presupposed child were able to appreciate a mechanical slr, I would be the happiest dad ever!


    It may be a smaller world yet; I have a pseudo-friend who does mass spectrometry in a lab in peterborough. On the prospect of meeting up and finding great things to adhere to film, that is an offer I can't refuse! Two thruths to state first. I am the shiest of the shy, the poster child of social anxiety, so I apologize in advance. Second, I love my camera more then a sane man should, and if you make fun of her,

    you will see a grown man cry. Next time you are heading this way, you can get a hold of me at pinkmoon AT cogeco DOT ca.

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    Re: A big hello from Canada

    Welcome aboard...

    A fellow Canadian.

    jim k

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