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Thread: Suggestions for Photoshop learning resources?

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    Suggestions for Photoshop learning resources?

    After many years of playing around with 'junior' software such as PaintShop Pro (which is actually pretty good) I've broken down and bought Photoshop CS3 and am now faced with the daunting task of learning how to use it.

    Can anyone suggest on-line resources and / or tutorials which would be good places to learn more? I've got many of the basics covered, but am interested in learning more about curves, tonal corrections, layers etc.

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    Re: Suggestions for Photoshop learning resources?

    For curves the articles section of contains a series of articles that I found helpful. This web site is good for a number of other things too, just go to the Articles section and look around. For some specific techniques the Workbench within is sometimes very good.
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    Re: Suggestions for Photoshop learning resources?

    Bruce, if you purchased PS CS3 from Adobe, you were probably given a gift choice that included on-line tutorials from I am using them and have found them to be very helpful. If not taken as a gift, you can purchase access to the entire Photoshop CS3 series for $25 a month, a great value. I also am using the CS3 Classroom in a book. When you purchase it from, again, they give you a month's access to

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    Re: Suggestions for Photoshop learning resources?

    The best PS book I have found, and I have looked at all of the major ones, and own too many of them, was the last one I bought, and the one I should have bought first: Photoshop Artistry by Barry Haynes, Wendy Crumpler and Sean Duggan.

    It allowed me to become profficient at PS while maintaining my sanity.

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    Re: Suggestions for Photoshop learning resources?

    Photoshop CS"x" for Photographers

    I learnt more from this book after 3 years of use than any other thing.

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