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Except that they're really only good for rear tilts. Not exactly making the most out of a monorail if you only have barely enough coverage for 4x5"
True, they were made for press cameras, which were commonly handheld so any movements (if any at all) by neccesity were minimal, but both Wollensak (Optar) and Ilex also made some pretty impressive lenses later in the game to compete with Schneider and Rodenstock. These will cost a lot less on the used market than say an older 90mm SA (at least in the USA) and offer a lot of value if you're on a tight budget (like I am) Also many old press camera lenses appear to me to be very sharp in the center, as tessars typically are. The ubiquitous 127mm Ektar (I'm sure there are Optar copies of it) I find to be incredibly sharp--of course once you introduce any movement to the edges things rapidly deteriorate. (Press camera Wollensaks "deteriorate: and bring a pittance---portrait camera Wollensaks have "bokeh" and go for the big bucks! )

What I mean to offer is, don't make excuses for your equipment. It is your vision that matters. I think jazz legend John Coltrane said: "You can play a shoe lace if you're sincere enough."