Go back to the beginnings of Photography!

If anyone is interesting in learning the historic and beautiful process of how to make ferrotypes and ambrotypes, this will be a great class. Please contact Will Dunniway if interested.

NEW Field Wet Plate Collodion SUMMER Shoot coming this July 14-15, 2007
Large format camera

The basic course description:

Saturday: At the Corona Studio - Students will learn (or relearn) the making of ambrotypes (glass direct positives) and tintypes. (Ferrotypes, tin plate direct positives) and large format glass collodion. Students are guided through the process step-by-step from the mixing, pouring, exposing and development of plates poured with wet collodion. The newest 4 color edition of the manual, Making the Wet Collodion Plate in 16 Steps manual by Will Dunniway is included along with all materials in the course fee. Students will use a period 1860 field camera with 1860-70 lenses. This will be for the beginner and experienced collodion practitioner. A two day course crammed into one day.

Sunday: Private land (with facilities) above Murrietta, California - We will drive the 30 minutes from Corona, Ca. to the oak /boulder wilderness location on the land of a friend. Very private. There I will set up one or two portable darkrooms and tutor you in a hands on field environment doing field wet plate work in the tradition of the old wet plate collodion masters. Lunch will be packed for you.

The workshop is not about the historical use of the process. It is about the use of wet plate collodion in a contemporary setting. It just so happens that I am an historical tin-typist with 18 years in the field doing this wet plate process.

I do not require anything remotely historical. I will also help you adapt newer 'view' type cameras with wet plate backs. Given this, my equipment is all original by default. This is the only equipment I use. My students have really enjoyed working with this rare camera equipment . The look these old lens give is incredible. In the end you will go away with a working knowledge of the process, not it's historical interpretation.

I hope this information is useful. If you need to ask any questions, call. If you give me a thumbs up - I will email you a detail email about where and when for this coming July 14-15, 2007 NEW Summer Wet Plate Collodion Workshop. Hope you can come

(Tentative, see Workshop page at -http://www.collodion-artist.com to register) or email me at: silverandsun@mac.com

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