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Thread: How do you turn a 8x10 on its side?

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    How do you turn a 8x10 on its side?

    How do you make a 8x10 into a 10x8 for portraits? Do you put it on its side? A re there tripod bushes on the side of all cameras? Thanks in advance

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    How do you turn a 8x10 on its side?

    No need to turn the camera on its side. Just remove the back, rotate it 90 degr ees, and replace it. Virtually all 8 x 10 cameras have this capability.

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    How do you turn a 8x10 on its side?

    If for some reason you cannot change the orientation of the back, extend one tri pod leg to offset the balance a bit and use the pan tilt tripod head to tilt the camera sideways for your portrait orientation. This will take away the balance offset problems for you and make it easier to use this way(just don't trip over the extended leg). Make sure you do it so you can insert the film holders from the top so the tripod knobs won't be in the way.

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    How do you turn a 8x10 on its side?

    First you get a long enough lever and a strong enough fulcrum...

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