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Thread: How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

    I have a Toyo 45AX. Now I am getting the superb new Schneider Apo Tele Xenar 400 /5.6 Compact lens. This is not huge lens but does have a Copal #3 shutter.

    Is there anyway to make lens this fit on my Toyo 45AX? Toyo does not make a #3 l ensboard for the 45AX. Is the diameter of the #3 hole more than the 110mm of the lensboard? Is that why?

    I can get a Linhof Technika lensboard in #3. And can also get a Linhof to Toyo a dapter. Will this solution work?

    Please help! I am desperate as I have already ordered and paid for the lens!

    Thank you!

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

    If you want to avoid the cost of the Linhof Technica board, you can get a generic (not Linhof not Wista but no name possibly from Bromwell) Technica #3 board from B&H.

    This does not answer your question about whether it will actually work, however.
    John Hennessy

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

    One thing I forgot to mention is that Toyo does sell a blank lensboard. But who one earth do you drill a hole into it? Is there a company out there that can drill a hole?

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

    Steve Grimes at will drill lensboards.

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?


    Just buy a pre-drilled or undrilled Toyo board and have it drilled to the proper size by a competent machinist. If you don't have one in your area, as David mentioned, Steve Grimes does this work and is very good at it. Also, if you do have a local machinist you can work with, the hole dimensions for all the standard shutter sizes can be found on Steve's very informative web site at:

    Unless you already have all your other lenses mounted in Linhof boards, the Toyo - Linhof adapter is a very expensive solution to a problem that has a much simpler and less expensive solution.

    Finally, you might also consider a Canham board. Canham makes a pre-drilled #3 board that sells for $30 new. One precaution: Toyo 110mm boards fit the Canham, but in my experience, it can be a rather tight fit. Since I don't own a Toyo, I haven't tried a Canham board on a Toyo. In theory, it should fit, but best to try, or ask some one who has, before buying. The Canham boards are very nicely machined, and at $30 they are a bargain compared to what most other manufacturers charge for metal lens boards. You might want to call someone like Jeff Taugner at Badger Graphic (800-558-5350) to ask for guidance. Badger sells both Toyo and Canham, so he should be able to try a Canham board on a Toyo camera and let you know how it fits.

    Good luck, and please let us know how you like your new APO Tele Xenar. It looks like a great long lens for cameras with limited bellows draw.


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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

    Any machinist can drill any size hole you want in a blank board. You can get adjustable hole cutters to fit any drill press. It ought to be a five minute job. Lens boards aren't rocket science, even though some companies would have you believe they are to justify obscene prices for them.

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

    Thanks to all that replied. Looks like I will get one of my #1 lensboards and have Steve Grimes turn it into a #3. I hope the Apo Tele Xenar will then work effortlessly with my Toyo 45AX.

    I will let you know what I think of the lens when I get it. I got it because of its good coverage and super fast speed. I also got a great deal on it. I paid $1475 for it, which makes it a bargain compared to the Nikon T ED's.

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

    You should not have any problem fitting this lens on a Toyo 110 mm lensboard. Th e hole for a Copal #3 is 65,3 mm .If drilled #3 sizes are not available, you might have to get a plain undrilled boar d and have it drilled (you can also do it yourself). Is the AX a flatbed? If it is like the A II in terms of flange (324mm ?), a slightly extended lensboard would give you better close-up possibilities (I think the lens has 285mm at infinity). I don't think Toyo has one but you can have a machinist make you one from a flat lenboard, adding a 4 cm. barrel (more might add too much stress to the camera) or find a third parties solution. I am myself considering the 10cm (when combined) extension tubes from Wista (I have Linhof type lensboards) to give my VX some more extension. (Can be seen on this web page

    Would you be willing to give us some feedback on how this lens performs on your camera? I would be highly interested! Thanks.

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?

    Seems a lot has already been said while I was preparing my answer!

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    How to Mount a Copal 3 lens on my Toyo 45AX?


    The 45AX is identical to the 45AII with the exception of the revolving back. The maximum extension is 321mm. I also have a 100mm extension back so I should be able to use the lens for some nice portraits too. I don't want the extension too much in the front beacause like you said that will upset the balance and it is a heavy lens.


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