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Thread: "B" and"T" Shutter Settings

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    "B" and"T" Shutter Settings

    What is the "T" setting commonly used for and how does it differ from Bulb ("B")?

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    "B" and"T" Shutter Settings

    With "T" you trip the shutter twice with the cable release. The first trip opens the shutter, the second trip closes the shutter. With a "B" setting, you open the shutter by pressing the cable release, and holding it in that position. Releasing the plunger closes the shutter. If your using "B", it is nice to use a cable release with a lock which keeps the plunger in the down position without having to hold it.

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    "B" and"T" Shutter Settings

    If it helps you to recall, B is for "bulb" (like the airhose squeezebulb shutters once used) and T is for "time."

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