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Thread: Very new to LF! (not even started yet)

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    Re: Very new to LF! (not even started yet)

    I'm really really trying to avoid the processing at home route, I don't have the time to teach myself pro level processing from scratch, I'm shooting LF for a specific project albeit on that will take years, I'm not looking to make it a hobby where I will have the time and money to experiment and get things wrong.

    I'm going to be bringing a Epson 4990 with me when I come in December, you would be welcome to use it though I doubt you will be happy with the results for 35mm film at least.

    Having used one of the best 'in lab' scanning services in the UK (Imacon 848) I have learnt from experience that you a) have to be able to talk to the guy scanning and establish a relationship b) tell them exactly what you want. I was getting work back that was really medicore until I told him to scan at max resolution, no sharpening, a nice flat scan in 16 bit without either side clipping. That way I could do all the post work myself with a file that actually had all the information needed for me to express my interpretation of the picture, not the labs interpretation. The moment they are applying changes to the file you lose the ability to manipulate. If they decide where to put the blacks then the information in those blacks won't be there in sufficient detail when you want to pull them up, etc, etc.

    Here is a great example, I told them to scan the neg as flat as possible in 16 bit then I worked on it. The result is far better than the original scan they made where they did the manipulation 2 years ago, far more detail in the blacks, far better definition of the clouds, etc. Please excuse the horrible jpg compression.

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    Re: Very new to LF! (not even started yet)

    I'm curious Ben. you said you want to have high resolution pictures that people can walk in. but if you enlarge 4x5 10 times which I'd say is max to keep resolution acceptable, it comes to 40x50" print.

    Shouldn't you go at least 8x10? which it's 80x100"?
    Also, if it's a one time thing for you, wouldn't be better for you to rent the gear instead of buying it? I'm sure you could find one person here hwo can lend it to you if you make reasonable offer.

    Kill me...
    Peter Hruby

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    Re: Very new to LF! (not even started yet)

    Ben, Assuming I haven't gotten my own scanner by then I wll take you up on it. I'm betting that doing that level of custom work with the scans will cost an arm and a leg. a friend of mine has a jobo, so maybe you can use it, just buy your own B&W Chemestry. For now my own work is going to be limited to E-6.

    Looking foward to you getting here.

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    Re: Very new to LF! (not even started yet)

    Peter, it's a project that will probably take 5 years, if I can get galleries interested then i will keep on shooting! A 10X enlargement is big but given that I have no LF experience at all, I'm not really looking to run before I can walk. I can do a great 20X30" from a 645 neg so I don't think I'll be disappointed with a 30X40" (revised my sizes a bit based on prices that people will be willing to pay and framing constraints!) from a 4X5. The idea is pics big enough to 'feel' like you could walk in rather than wall sized ones on a 1:1 scale! :-)

    Zach, we'll be in touch mate. I didn't pay any more for the 'custom' scans from my lab, just told them what I wanted and paid slightly more for the 16bit files. I thought that drum scans would cost me a fortune but Ted Harris PM'd me to let me know of his prices and what is resonable, if you send to the US (and why not?) a top drum scan will be affordable. I'm going to scan on the epson to see what I have and then when I need the biggies, I'll send for drum scanning.

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    Re: Very new to LF! (not even started yet)

    Here in Israel 4x5 will be a lot easier than 8x10. Yes there are folks doing 8x10 here but you will probably have to mail order film and a lot of other stuff. I went back to the lab today and talked to someone there. I think if I work with them I may be able to get something that will work for now.

    I'm looking forward to meeing you and hearing about your project. I am working on a sky atlas myself and am still at the point of choosing between doing it 4x5 or on 120 format. Right now leaning to 4x5 but I have to work out a number of details to do that.

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    Re: Very new to LF! (not even started yet)

    Hello from Ireland Ben.

    And viva Israel!!!


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