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Thread: a story to share with the group

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    a story to share with the group

    Hello all, I have to share this story that happend to me at work yesturday. I was out looking for something to shoot most of the morning, spring time is a great time to shoot here, i live in north ga, the mountains are fresh with mint green leaves, great time to try out a new filter or two, anyway im a chef, and we were having a new water heater installed at the restaurant. after getting to work i took my LF camera out of the car and went inside the back area of the restaurant, i usually keep it in a room ajacent to the kitchen (so i can keep an eye on it), i went into the room and the plumber was in there working on the water heater, he saw me carry it in. he immediatly jumped off the ladder and began examining it. "wow!" he said, "ive never seen something like that before." Is that a camera?" "Yes" I said
    "Awsome" his eyes grew wider , he went to the back of it and saw the ground glass and examined closely. "I cant see anything" "well" i said "you have to do a couple of things to the lens, then you can see through it" I started to turn and go into the kitchen, (i was already kind of late)
    "Hey!" do they sell these at wal-mart?" "uh.. no, i dont believe they do" I then walked out of the room. "Hey buddy! he yelled
    "how many mega pixels is this thing?" I couldnt help but chuckle, i turned around with a grin and proudly said "alot"

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    Re: a story to share with the group

    yes. alot.

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    Re: a story to share with the group

    At least he didn't ask if it was a Hasselblad.

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    Re: a story to share with the group


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    Re: a story to share with the group

    I always get a kick out of the ones that ask me "What kind of Video Camera is that!" when I am shooting my Bronica S2A!

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    Re: a story to share with the group

    You mean its not a Hasselblad?
    When I grow up, I want to be a photographer.

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    Re: a story to share with the group

    He, he - great story!

    I may as well add mine, happened just last weekend. In Ely Cathedral Uk. Shot a polaroid 55 test, 30 second exposure. Some guy came up to me, looked at the photo and asked 'where did all the people go?' I explained about moving things on a timed Bulb exposure etc.

    Well this guy had a Nikon D2Xs top of the range round his neck and a bagful of lenses (but no tripod). He then asked me 'would I have that B setting on this camera?'..

    Oh man, that really irritated me!

    Most people that stop and stare are really nice and pass great comments and show much interest in this non-digital 'technology', and I love explaining what I am doing! The polaroid normally blows them away!

    anyone else with stories?



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    Re: a story to share with the group

    I find it ironic that most people consider "digital" to be superior to film regardless of format, just because it is newer.

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    Re: a story to share with the group

    Awwww. That's so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

    Maybe you could've invited him to look through the GG viewfinder and given him a lead for an LF retailer. I'm always amazed at how many brickies used to love rummaging through my stuff in the studio when they were doing work (I don't think they were in there for burglary btw).

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    Re: a story to share with the group

    I had a couple kids down at the beach checking me out with my C-1 on the big Ries.One of em had a 5D around his neck and with a kind of a snide condescending voice said "you outta check out one of these" I reached into my Tamrac bag and pulled out MY 5D and said
    "I did, ain't quite the same thing" after that I was expecting them to ask some questions or to dialog a bit, but they just walked away.First time that ever happened.People have always been pretty cool down there.

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