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Thread: Heat absorbing glass

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    Heat absorbing glass


    A student came back with shards of heat-absorbing glass from one of our Ilford Multigrade 500H heads.

    Cool. I have no idea what happened.

    But at any rate, there're two lamps, and each lamp has two small panes of heat absorbing glass between the lamp and the dichroic filter, and one of these small panes broke.

    I've taken measurements of the glass with calipers and looked in an Edmund Optical catalog but can't find any analogous product. I need something 1.9mm / .0745in thick. The TECHSPEC (tm), commercial quality, and ir cutoff filters are all either too thick or too thin!

    Any suggestions welcome, otherwise I'm going to suggest we buy a threaded photo-grade IR filter (Hoya-style) and just cut it down to size.

    Thanks all.

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    Re: Heat absorbing glass

    I really don't think that an IR filter will work at all. Maybe one of these replacement glass for enlargers will work for you.

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    Re: Heat absorbing glass

    Perhaps Focal Point can help.

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    Re: Heat absorbing glass

    i got mine at a glass place,
    it was something they had in stock
    as a regular item. when i asked
    if it was something special for a glass place to carry
    he said, most places have heat absorbing glass,
    you just have to ask for it ..

    good luck!

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