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Thread: uploading with adobe golive

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    uploading with adobe golive

    anyone have any ideas how to correct the image source when uploading pages to my site? the sourse will upload as ../assets/image.jpg, when i need it to upload it as it would save tons of time, i wouldn't need to correct the source after the upload every time.
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    Re: uploading with adobe golive

    Don't know how to fix GoLive, so I started using Transmit. That way I simply drag any photos I'm uploading to the server. I take Adobe's paws off the process.
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    Doug Dolde

    Re: uploading with adobe golive

    I have been using GoLive CS for a few years and never had to change the directory structure. It just uploads a mirror of the file structure you have on your local drive. Or am I not understanding what you are saying?

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    Re: uploading with adobe golive

    thanks doug,
    i need to replace the ../ in ../assets/images.jpg to for my images to show.


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    Doug Dolde

    Re: uploading with adobe golive

    Do you have the right directory set in your ftp setting? I have to tell it /public_html but I'm using Lunarpages so your server's structure may be different.

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    Re: uploading with adobe golive

    I just use a terminal window and ftp the files. I never got the hang of GoLive's upload feature, and being an old unix guy, ftp'ing is simple. I keep all the html in the htdocs directory, the basic.css file in the css directory, and all the images in one web-images directory created by GoLive. My ISP is local with secure ftp server so the process is simple commands (ftp -i and mput works great). Sorry this isn't much help, but it's one alternative as others are too.

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    Re: uploading with adobe golive

    In dreamweaver you can make a link or reference relative to either the document or the site root. I believe Go Live is referencing the site root. Why is this not working, it should if the directory structure on the server and that on your computer follow the same naming conventions.

    Personally I prefer to use Cute FTP and upload everything myself. My directory structure on the server matches that on my pc and all links work great. Using an FTP procedure allows me to go onto the server and poke around and cleanthings up.


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    Doug Dolde

    Re: uploading with adobe golive

    Ahhh that's asking for trouble. You made it sount like a GoLive problem when in fact its because you are hacking !

    Try the Go Live ftp connection.

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    Re: uploading with adobe golive

    Under almost all circumstances you want GoLive to use relative paths to everything because it uploads your entire directory structure to the the difference between the site on your local machine and on the server is just the root. You can force GoLive to use absolute paths but if you do then you either have a very specific reason for doing so or you're in for a world of hurt. For some reason the relative paths GoLive is uploading don't point correctly to your image files. Changing each source reference to an absolute path is not the way to go and neither is trying to figure out how to make GoLive do that for you. You need to figure out why your directory structures and/or paths are inconsistent. For example, did pages or assets get moved around somehow without the paths getting automatically updated like they should? Does your site function correctly when emulated by GoLive on the local machine using the relative paths? If so you might just try connecting to the server through GoLive and then scrub it and then re-upload the whole site. As a test you can also try redoing the source link for an image to see if the relative path changes by selecting the image object in layout view and then draging from the source link button (in the basic tab of the inspector window) to the image file in the files tab of the site window.

    Unfortunately there is probably one of a hundred possible simple things going wrong but it is usually very frustrating to figure out which one. I used GoLive to build my first site recently and it involved a lot of headaches. However, uploading the site and updating or synchronizing the site functioned seemlessly.

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