View Poll Results: Who else shoots both film and digital?

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  • All film, only film and only analog output

    36 15.38%
  • All film, only film, print using both (includes digital negs, but please say so)

    16 6.84%
  • All film, only film, scan and only print digitally

    21 8.97%
  • Mostly film (70% or more), print using both methods

    27 11.54%
  • Mostly film (70% or more), but print everything digitally

    32 13.68%
  • About even between film and digital capture (30% - 70%), print both ways

    20 8.55%
  • About even between film and digital capture (30% - 70%), only print digitally

    26 11.11%
  • Mostly digital (70% or more), but still print both ways

    23 9.83%
  • Mostly digital (70% or more), print everything digitally

    30 12.82%
  • All digital, only digital

    3 1.28%
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Thread: Who else shoots both film and digital?

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    Re: Who else shoots both film and digital?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_1856 View Post
    I am of the opinion that most of the "death before digital" people don't do their own color printing.

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    Re: Who else shoots both film and digital?

    This thread is a poll. In the opening message of this thread, Jack has very specifically asked all to specify facts only and to refrain from editorializing.

    We are, of course, all entitled to our opinions, no matter how right or wrong they may be, and we are free to express them as we see fit.

    Unfortunately, some people seem incapable of extending even the most basic courtesy and keep confusing liberty with the lack of consideration.

    How sad.

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    Re: Who else shoots both film and digital?

    I've very much enjoyed this thread. It has given me the opportunity to listen to the digital and film only people explain the choices they have made. Most of these threads generally turn into shouting matches, this one hasn't, even though there has been friction. Thanks to Jack for starting it.

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    Re: Who else shoots both film and digital?

    Rob, thanks for your explanation above -- It helps me understand your position more clearly.

    FWIW, I am learning too and as well am glad we are all getting along so well with this topic -- compared to all other forums where I've seen the digital/analog topic broached, we have set a record for civility!

    Jack Flesher

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    Re: Who else shoots both film and digital?

    I shoot both....the easy way out is shooting with my Canon DSLR, but the challenge, the reward, the skill, surely goes with film. A 6x9, a 4x5 with a 6x17 thrown in for that special pano is an awesome experience.
    Digital can be a bore, you know you have it, you can see it right there on the LCD...trouble is it's a dead result. Fire off 555 digi shots or only 30 4x5`s, so what? Looking at the computer screen wondering what you can do in PS gets only a little of the creative juices flowing, but the sparkling 4x5 tranny on the lightbox is pure wonder, not to mention waiting for the E6 process to finish then waiting for the drum to stop spinning gives a similar hit to the smell of other words, it's all good stuff. No need to try and define the difference, I love all of it.

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    Re: Who else shoots both film and digital?

    I'm a panoramic photographer and shoot film with my Noblex150 - the camera cost $2000.

    A digital camera that would do the same job would cost about $30,000. I guess about the time I shoot my 6000th roll of film at $5 a roll I'll be kicking myself that I didn't get the digital.

    But I love the Noblex. It's kind of ornery, but it makes pretty pictures.


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