I've posted 25 times, so time to introduce myself.

I've been photographing stuff my whole life and have been lucky enough to remain employed as a photographer since my youth. I was a staff photographer at the Contra Costa Newspapers chain in the San Franciso Bay Area for a very long time and finally left to face the challenges of freelance work in 1998.

I started working with large format cameras in the early 90's when I started light painting my food photography and other illustration work. 35mm seemed like such a waste for the 5-10 minute exposures I would make with the Hose Master. I've enjoyed the view camera ever since.

I have volunteered many hours to the Photocentral program in Hayward, California occasionally teaching basic camera and workshops. The program is founded by a pair of very talented landscape photographers Geir and Kate Jordahl. I've enjoyed their friendship and highly recommend the program if you are in the Bay Area.

I currently live in Toronto, Ontario while my wife is attending university. I am a native of the California Sacramento River Delta, but enjoy living here in Canada and think it is a great country and Toronto is a wonderful city.

http://www.gregstidham.com <--- editorial portfolio
http://www.spokenimagepictures.com <---- photography by my wife and I