I have been thinking about something and am wondering what others here would think about it.

What if there were a website that you could upload a full-sized print file to (scan or digital capture) and order a true "custom lab" print, light-jet or ink-jet for reasonable prices? By reasonable I mean you could get an 11x14 for $10, a 16x20 for around $14 and a 20x24 for $20. Mounting, matting and framing would also be offered at similar wholesale pricing.

1) Would you be interested in using a service like that and if so, how many prints do you think you would order over a one year period?

Now assume this site also offered as an additional service, a personalized web storefront for your images and automated the order fulfillment for you, including credit-card processing, paypal, etc, using the above printing and framing services. Additionally you could have the option to "opt in" to an online "stock" photo agency where your posted images were offered for sale to commercial buyers needing decorative art (the kind of art that might be purchased in bulk to decorate a large new hotel).

2) Would you use the personalized website feature if it were free?

3) How likely would you be to use the opt-in stock feature IF there were a nominal member fee charged to offset the costs of marketing to commercial art buyers? (say $99/yr)?

Thanks in advance for your input!