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Thread: The New Must-Have Magazine

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    Re: The New Must-Have Magazine

    Quote Originally Posted by Marko View Post
    Something like this maybe?

    Great resource, by the way, nevermind the nonsensical title.
    OOOO! I like this site. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to add this to my links list.

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    Re: The New Must-Have Magazine

    Quote Originally Posted by Marko View Post
    Actually, DigitalTrugth has no meaning at all that I can see. Just a silly, capriciously chosen name, but who cares? It would make no difference whatsoever if they chose to call it "The Dancing Hyppo" or "Two White Mice" or something equally silly.

    It is the content that matters and theirs is good for those of us who have an interest in it. The rest will just shrug and move on.
    Yes, we agree, much different than "Darkroom"

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    Re: The New Must-Have Magazine

    Is Scott Kelby part of the Bush administration? His logic reeks of "truthiness."

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    Re: The New Must-Have Magazine

    We're living in an Orwellian world wherein words are used to deceive. This magazine's title reeks of Newspeak's flipping of meaning ( a darkroom is really a lightroom - get real).

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