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Thread: 6X for Gitzo 1325

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    6X for Gitzo 1325

    I"ve been looking for a tripod for my Technikardan 45. Right now I'm considering the Gitzo 1325 but would like to have the 6X feature where one twist will loosen or tighten all the sections of a leg. Does anyone know when this feature will be available for the 1325 and if so any ideas about price? Thanks.

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    Re: 6X for Gitzo 1325

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    Re: 6X for Gitzo 1325

    Thanks Dan, I've noted that B&H is accepting orders at $629.00 also. The local camera store saleman told me that Gitzo is keeping the new supply limited in order "to sell the existing 1325s first as no one will want them after the new model is readily available."

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