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Thread: berlebach model differences

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    berlebach model differences

    can someone tell me the real-world difference between the 8032 and the 4032? i think the main spec difference is the 4032 is 2-piece legs and the 8032 is 3-piece legs.

    i ordered a 8032 to put my manfrotto 3047 head on and mount my burke&james 8x10 but wonder if i'm sacrificing stability for having an extra section of legs.

    thanks in advance for advice,

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    Re: berlebach model differences

    Never used a 4032 but my my 3 sections 8023 is as stable as a rock. Got the 3 sections model for the more compact storage and portability and I never regretted the choice.

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    Re: berlebach model differences

    Go to and click on Berlebach under products at the top of the page for details on the models sold in the USA

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    Re: berlebach model differences

    Rob Skeoch will know the answer to your question. He sells them up here in Canada.

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    Re: berlebach model differences

    Hi Jason,
    The 4032 has two leg sections with a built in ball head at the top.
    There is no 8032, but there is a 8033. It has three leg sections with a ball head at the top.
    Neither model has a centre column. The 4000 series is about 14 inches taller than the 8000 series. However the three leg tripods are much shorter when closed and easier to travel with.
    They are both rated up to 10kg so I guess you could say they are equally stable. My self if I was looking for a tripod for 8x10 I wouldn't be looking for a model with the built in ball head. It just adds extra weight and reduces stability... and you still will want to use a regular tripod head anyway. I think either the 4002 (two leg) or 8003 (three leg) are the better options if you don't want a centre column.
    Just an thought.

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