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Thread: QR plate question

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    QR plate question

    I just got a used BOGEN 3047 head with QR plate from eBay ($40). Problem is the threads on the QR plate bolt are bent. I have an Omega 45D. Can I get the the correct bolts (I think they are 3/8" and 1/4") from the Home Depot - or should I ask for a replacement QR plate? Thanks.

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    Re: QR plate question

    Replacement plates run about $25, or you could replace the bolt with a generic bolt, but the replacement bolt will not be as easy to use as the original. I'm sure it would work, it will just be a bit harder on your finger tips than the factor bolt.

    The threads are either 1/4" or 3/8", so get which ever fits your camera either way you go. For my 8x10 camera, I've attached the plate to the camera base with additional screws using the holes in the release plate to add stability (and piece of mind). If you want to use multiple cameras with the head, pick up a few extra release plates and keep them one the cameras you wish to use on that head.

    - Randy

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    Re: QR plate question

    I have the same head and camera, what I did on mine, was remove the bolt and countersink the hole for a 3/8" countersunk screw (1/4" is just too small to support the camera well), apply a drop of removable locktite, and attache the plate to the camera. Using a countersunkhead screw allows it to sit on the shelf flat when not in use. (though in all fairness, I have an extra rail clamp that I use with my gitzo when I take the camera out)


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