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Thread: Best loup for ground glass focusing?

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    Re: Best loup for ground glass focusing?

    I still have all the focussing loupes I purchased but I no longer use them on the ground glass of my Tachiharas. Now I use 3.5 dioptre reading glasses that have been fitted with a neck cord. The glasses offer me several advantages:

    They fold flat and fit in a top pocket so they are ready at hand but never feel like a painful lump against the body.

    They cost $2 at the local bargain store. Loss or breakage is not a tragedy.

    Focussing accuracy is already better than the unaided eye can see.

    All the ground glass can be scanned quickly to keep track of what is happening everywhere on it. Loupes would enable me to focus accurately at a point but something else would be out. Fix that and something else is out. It can take a long time to focus everything with a magnifier that sees only a tiny piece of the screen at any one time.

    Both hands are free. I need two hands to unlock the focussing track, turn the focussing knob, release and lock swing , shift, and tilt controls and hold onto the focussing cloth on a breezy day. Actually I need five hands so dedicating one just for holding a loupe against the ground glass really slows me down.

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    Re: Best loup for ground glass focusing?

    Toyo 3.6

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    Re: Best loup for ground glass focusing?

    For 4x5 and 5x7 the inexpensive Toyo is all you need. All you need to do is unintentionally forget to put it in your vest and you will find that it is not always a critical accessory.

    For 8x10 and larger there is absolutely no need for any focusing aid unless you are photographing in very dim lighting conditions or with the widest of wide angle lenses. Most of the time the ground glass is sufficiently large to just use your naked eyes with or without your reading glasses.


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