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Thread: Piezography Printing

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    Re: Piezography Printing

    Then call it whatever ink type your using....I use Inkjet and that's what I call it.
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    Re: Piezography Printing

    I have a 7800 and print using the glossy inks on the Hahnemuhle Pearl. I was wondering if anyone could compare this to these "custom BW" inks (I am using "ink" generically here, be it actually carbon, pigment, whatever). I am curious about these inks and was wondering haw they would compare to my current process. I assume I would have to use a "matte" paper, true? Once I installed the "custom" inks, can I return to the K3 inks or is it a oneway street. Has anyone compared the "custom inks" to any of the fiber based glossy papers and K3 inks?

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