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Thread: Which brand light stand?

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    Re: Which brand light stand?

    Maybe Kirks 30-year old stand is better than their new stuff?
    Possible. I haven't even looked at their new stands in years. I have also been using Bogen tripods and heads for decades with no problems except when I ran over one once and then when I dropped one down a cliff, but geez......what do you want?

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    Re: Which brand light stand?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rider View Post
    What do people think of the light stands that White-Lightning sells?
    I've seen them at their shop here in Nashville and they look OK to me but I've never used them. I'd classify them as medium duty I suppose? For all-day-every-day work you might want stouter gear but for less strenuous use they'd be fine.

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    Re: Which brand light stand?

    It's astonishing how many different models turn up once you start to dig. There's certainly a whole world of very expensive, very heavy-duty stands designed to take a pounding on movie sets and the like - a far cry from me puttering around my living room...

    Anyway, thanks to all for the input. The mental gears are grinding now; I'll report back on what I end up with.

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    Re: Which brand light stand?

    I use mole-richardson stands and lights

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    Re: Which brand light stand?

    I have a variety of Bogen stands, and they seem to have held up well for the light-to-moderate use I give them. Mathews stands are beautiful. If I had a permanent studio or heavier needs, I'd go with those.

    When they start to clutter up the house, get a Lightware rolling stand case. I just got the 42" model, which holds a Bogen C-stand (the one that holds my Norman 10" Fresnel head) and all my smaller stands, boom, and a few other odds and ends like umbrellas and such.

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    Re: Which brand light stand?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Petronio View Post
    Lowel stands are slightly heavier but they are all metal, reasonably priced, heavy-duty, and repairable with off-the-shelf parts.
    Second the Lowel stands. There are sturdier stands out there but not ones as cheap or as light. IF you can manage to break them, they're quick to fix.

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    Re: Which brand light stand?

    And the answer is...

    I ended up getting a couple of the Giottos 325 stands (thanks, for the suggestion, Nick!). Only about $50 each, rated for a load of up to 10 kg, and air cushioned.

    Construction is a bit chintzy, as you'd expect at the price. In particular, the clamps seem to depend on a screw compressing a little piece of metal which in turn compresses a couple of rubber bumpers against the tube. I imagine the little metal chip will fatigue in due course from all the flexing.

    But I've set them up a couple of times so far, and they seem to do OK under one of my strobe heads with speed ring and medium softbox, which amounts to maybe 8 or 9 pounds total. And if one of the clamps fails, the air cushioning should help in avoiding a sudden collapse.

    So these will do for now.

    A couple of folks recommended Lowel stands. I have a pair of lightweight Lowel stands as part of my Tota kit, and they work fine with those very lightweight lamps. But they're much too flimsy to handle a big strobe head, and Lowel itself warns against using them for anything really heavy. Perhaps Lowel has some other models designed for heavier-duty use.

    Thanks again for all the advice!

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