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Thread: South Florida LF Users Group

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    South Florida LF Users Group

    I'm getting back into LF photography after a 10 year hiatus. Just got a Wisner Pocket Expedition. South Florida isn't a LF photographers MECCA so, are there o thers out there?? Is there a working users group? Anyone interested in startin g one....


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    South Florida LF Users Group

    Where are you at in South Florida? I may be moving to Clearwater on the West co ast soon.


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    South Florida LF Users Group

    In the Announcements section of this Forum, you'll find:

    A group of about twelve large format photographers in the Tampa Bay area has rec ently formed. No dues or fees. We meet once a month for dinner and to show photo graphs, critique, etc. If you are interested in joining this group, send me an E Mail and I'll give you more details. Asked by brian ellis ( on December 02, 1997.

    Clearwater is right there at Tampa Bay. As far as South Fla, which coast? That' s a big area. You might check with Clyde Butcher in Ochopee at www.clydebutcher .com . He has workshops for LF in various South Florida areas, and publishes th e Muck-About Journal newsletter.

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