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Thread: Howdy!

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    Re: Howdy!

    Howdy back at ya Dorothy. If you start jonesing too badly for some community coffee or anything else Nawlins just let me know.

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    Re: Howdy!

    If you start jonesing too badly for some community coffee or anything else Nawlins just let me know.'re sweet to offer.

    But with family in New Orleans, Covington, Hammond, Baton Rouge and Iota (yes, there really is an Iota out there in Cajun Country) among many other locals, we usually get our requests met. My husband is elated that he can even order Andoille, Hog Head Cheese and the other 'staples' he craves from home. Would you believe that I actually found Community Coffee at the Target here in Wake Forest? This, after we had placed a rather large order online with CC directly!! No complaints, though. Glad that we have access to it locally!!

    I will let you know if I have any trouble getting Beignet that is something I'm missing already (Morning Call & Cafe du Monde).

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    Re: Howdy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothy Blum Cooper View Post
    One of our favorites too! Seemed the perfect fit for the work and the mood at the time (it was all put together within the first two weeks of Katrina's landfall). The song has a melancholy vibe to it...sort of the same 'feel' that the area had just after the storm hit.
    I never liked jazz, but that soundtrack is making me realize that there probably is some jazz that I do like. It's very relaxing; of course, the images are what make the whole presentation, and what gives it emotion. I've got it bookmarked to share with others.

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