Hello! I've been using 4x5 for about two years. I've been toying with the idea of contact printing using silver and alternative processing and I've been trying 8x10 in pinhole and a 150mm hyperfocal camera (cuts off the corners).
When I see what I have hanging on my walls, I gravitate to larger sizes, generally about 16x20. When I hang 8x10s, they are in groups rather than in isolation. If I purchase an 8x10 camera but never hang the contact prints, it would be a waste of money. Now I scan my 4x5s with a 4990, so 8x10 negatives would yield some improvement (?amount?) in 16x20 prints (from what I've read in the forums) over 4x5s.
However, if I never hang 8x10 contact prints (because my asthetics turn to larger prints), I don't think I can justify the expense and weight of a larger camera.
So, what do folks hang on their walls? Do you hang 8x10s? In isolation or in groups? Can you give some guidance as to why a certain size appeals to you individually (not to sell, that is) Or do you display 8x10s in albums? Best regards.