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Thread: Phases of an LF photographer??

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    Re: Phases of an LF photographer??

    Quote Originally Posted by squiress View Post
    I launched into LF after barely dabling in MF. So my first phase was acquiring equipment. Since I was moving out of one hobby (astronomy) and into another (MF/LF), I was selling off one set of hardware (telescopes and mounts) while aquiring another. I don't have anything left to acquire from equipment standpoint (got my last Gnass lens case and film holder bag today), nor do I need any film (freezer full of 120, 4x5, 8x10). Have scanner for negatives and 13" wide printer. I am just happy to take pictures of anything that looks right and loving every minute! I only need time at this point and appropriate lighting.

    Quite interesting. I'm exactly in the opposite way. I finished LF state of acquisition and I'm dreaming abour Schmidt-Cassegrain 16 inch telescope with 30-40 Mpixel chip, sky map on the computer, moving to BC, have cottage in 10,000 Ft, with all filters etc.etc. Another 60-70 grand into this hobby.

    Long term dream though.
    Peter Hruby

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    Re: Phases of an LF photographer??

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrik Roseen View Post
    Danny, thanks for bringing this thread back to the original subject actually. I like the part where you say that the phases help you realize who I am as a photographer.

    It would be interesting to know if there are any commonalities in these phases, like this phase is usually followed by that phase and so on. But then again it's probably very subjective and no LF-photographer is exactly like someone else.

    Is the 'available light phase' an effect of admiring the work of others or is it a strive for simplicity?
    Is that where we eventually all end up...keeping the workflow as simple as possible, after first learning to master all the bits and pieces of lenses, papers, flashes, bouncers, filters, films etc?
    Since I started photography, I've gone through several phases. While in school, I was into Architecture. Towards the middle of school, I was into fashion. Towards the end up until now, it's been portraiture. From each phase, I apply what I learned from the previous phase to my current phase. From architecture, I learned composition. From fashion, I learned lighting. From portraiture, I learned (and still learning) communication and simplicity from Platon and Johnson. Combining these phases, makes me who I am as a photographer today.

    Up until discovering Platon's work, I was lighting my subjects like crazy. I was constantly thinking about lighting and no enough about the subject. Studying Platon's work made me realize that too much lighting is a distraction. Too much distraction could lead to miss shots/opportunities. From there, I started using only one beauty dish. AND it helped a lot keeping it simple. But I still felt I was missing something. So I went to the bookstore to find it. Flipping through the current Lenswork Magazine, I discovered the work of Eugene Johnson. In there contained his work and an interview. In the interview, he stressed how important it is to communicate with the subject. Of course, we all know how important it is to communicate with the subject. But Johnson stresses that it is essential to form a bond and trust with the subject/s in order to capture their true beauty. This is something we all know but sometimes seeing the work and reading a photographer's work process really drives it home. So now I'm in the available light phase so I could work on my communication phase. This is almost like sole searching.

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    Thumbs up Re: Phases of an LF photographer??

    Thanks again Danny.
    Great explanation and Welcome to this forum!

    I really look forward to your future posts on this forum.
    (I enjoyed your webpage/portraits)

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