hi all

i don't have much material in my archive, say 500 35mm contacts (neg) and 800 120 contacts (neg) and maybe about 500 sheets of 4x5.

up till now, as something i did in my spare time, i have just numbered everything sequentially and put the negs together with the contacts in binders and marked the spines accordingly.

however things have started to get a wee bit complicated, i have taken on a couple of commercial jobs, like this one:


and started a new archive for this particular project with it's own numbering, as i considered it "apart" from "my" work.

then i have "my" work like this, done over 3 seperate trips at 3 different times:


which i don't know if i should archive in one "bunch" or keep to the sequential (and chronological) system i've been using up to now, and have this work spread over 3 different parts of the archive.

i really don't want a computer generated super index system, just a simple manual solution, do i keep things strictly chronological? or start to subdivide according to personal/commercial projects...

any experience would be greatly appreciated.