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Thread: Photo Expo Nov 2-4, 2006

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    Eric Biggerstaff
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    Photo Expo Nov 2-4, 2006

    I am not sure if anyone will be attending this but just in case, HP will be having a few events you might be interested in ( I found this on their website under Professional Photography).

    PhotoPlus Expo
    Nov 2-4, 2006
    Jacob Javits COnvention Center
    New York, New York


    Friday - November 3 - Magnum Photographer Martin Parr lecture - 6pm - 7pm

    Saturday - November 4 - Joel Meyerowitz lecture - 11:30am - 12:30 Pm

    Saturday - November 4 - Portfolio Review by Santa Fe Photographic Workshops - First 100 to arrive

    All events will be held in the 1E Seminar Hall, Level 1, Rooms 1E - 15/16

    I am not sure about registration or fees, but details can probably be found at the HP site.
    Eric Biggerstaff

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    Re: Photo Expo Nov 2-4, 2006

    I used to like this Expo many years ago, I had a free pass to it. It was less crowded and less hectic than Photokina and it had always something interesting to show. With the arrival of digital stuff it lost some LF customers but I'm not in touch with it anymore now. When Walker wanted to present his titan LF for the first time there his plane never came in time...

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    Re: Photo Expo Nov 2-4, 2006

    If anyone wants a free pass call us

    steve simmons
    view camera magazine 505-899-8054

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    Red face Re: Photo Expo Nov 2-4, 2006

    For Those on the West Coast? There is the Photographers Fanfaire! Lot less stress on the wallet or bank account then New York and a Heck lot more to offer plus we have the wonderful Pacific Northwest as our play ground.
    Go to then to Current events and see what's to offer.
    Only $15 a day and free on Sunday. It's for a good cause. The proceeds are for the Cameras for students program!
    Want more info email me at
    Thank you.

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