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Thread: Any Photoshop strategies for WA fall-off

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    Any Photoshop strategies for WA fall-off

    Hi there,

    I shot with a Nikon 150 SW this summer and did not have a center filter. Does anyone have a suggestion in CS 2 for correcting fall off at the corners?



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    Re: Any Photoshop strategies for WA fall-off

    Sure, use a centering gradation filter layer mask. Easy.

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    Re: Any Photoshop strategies for WA fall-off

    Use the vignetting slider under the "Lens" tab in Adobe Bridge.
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    Re: Any Photoshop strategies for WA fall-off

    I have a photoshop action which can make it relatively simple. It is actually for edge burning, but you just reverse the gradient and adjust the opacity to lighten the edges as needed. Email me and I will send it to you.

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    Re: Any Photoshop strategies for WA fall-off

    I have CS not CS2 and its real simple to do.

    create an empty layer on top of image.
    draw a circular selection marquee aligned with center of image and at the size you want.
    Then invert the selection.
    Then feather the selection. for a web image maybe a 50 pixel feather, for a print probably the max of 250 pixel feather.
    Then fill the selection with white from the paint bucket.
    Then set the blending mode of the vignette layer to overlay and finally adjust the opacity of the vignette to taste.

    You can obviously draw the selection marquee freehand if you like as the feather will smooth it out and hide any uneveness in your drawing skills.

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