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Thanks for your advice, I've guessed something like this already.
I water my negatives following the so called ilford method: Water in the tank, tilting 5 times; watering and tilting 10 times; watering and tilting 20 times.
Now I've read that one should let it stand for 5 minutes before pouring out the water. I never did this, maybe that's the reason for bad watering results.
I used the Ilford method for a while and have not had problems with the stability of the negs, but they're only about 3 years old. They are quite pink.

More recently, I went to using a variant of the Ilford method with 5 changes of water in a Paterson tank and progressively longer stands at each stage (up to a few minutes with a couple inversions every 30s): negs come out much clearer.

Now, I just wash in my Jobo because I process in there. 4-5 changes of water over 10 minutes give completely clear negs.