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Thread: Question about 450mm lenses for 5x7

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    Re: Question about 450mm lenses for 5x7

    The Nikon is 640 grams vs 270 grams for the Fuji.

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    Re: Question about 450mm lenses for 5x7

    Quote Originally Posted by photographs42
    The chart for 5x7 lenses shows the Fuji image circle at 486mm and the Nikon at 440. Is that wrong?
    Interesting, my 450mm Nikkor M will cover 12x20 with movements! The issue with the M, as others have mentioned is that they live in a copal #3. I've never owned or used a Fuji but for the purpose you're considering I'd think it the more logical choice over the M. YMMV of course.
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    Re: Question about 450mm lenses for 5x7

    Another vote for the Fujinon 450 C. Beautiful lens. I have used mine for 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 and intend to use it when I start playing with a 7x17 camera. A great lens. The Nikkor 450 sounds very nice but if you are using it only for 5x7 the Fujinon makes more sense specially in view of size, as well as current availabilty. The Fujinon 450C covers up to 11x14 and 7x17.



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    Re: Question about 450mm lenses for 5x7

    I have both. Got Fuji when I recieved my 8x10, and found a really good deal on the Nikon. After playing around with both over the past couple of weeks. I find myself using the Nikon more than the Fuji, mainly because it is brighter. To my eyes they both seem to have about the same degree of sharpness. The size difference is substantial, and if its a concern go for the Fuji. If you want a slightly brighter lens, go for the Nikon. At some point, I will have to make a decision and sell one of mine. But, I am going to keep playing for a while.

    Hope it helps.


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    Re: Question about 450mm lenses for 5x7

    SoÖÖ Itís all good? Looks as if I canít go wrong. Thanks everyone. I still donít know which way to go, but Iím leaning toward the Fuji.

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    Re: Question about 450mm lenses for 5x7

    Another factor to consider is that the Fujinon takes 52mm filters, a modest size. You may already have some filters in that size. In fact, the Fujinon 240A takes the same filter size... nice.

    According to, the Nikkor takes a 67mm filter. It's not too huge, but something to consider.

    I have the Fujinon and it has been great for 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10. I also have the 240A. The fact that they both take the same sized filter, is a bonus.
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