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Thread: Sources for Plastics and Hardware

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    Cool Sources for Plastics and Hardware

    I am a little new to the forum but one thing I have noticed is people looking for places to buy the resources they need for making equipment. I have two sites that I find extremely useful. One I have mentioned in another thread but I will repeat it here.
    WWW.USPLASTIC.COM is one great source for anything plastic and they have great prices. You can get develoment trays dirt cheap as well as tanks, valves, fittings. You can buy 1 or 100 doesn't matter, they have no minimum order. They sell the same tanks VersaLab uses for their washers and even have covers for them to keep the crud out.
    The other site is WWW.MSCDIRECT.COM. This is a site for metal stuff, hardware of all types. You can get sheet metal at small sizes like 12x12, any screw, nut or bolt. Anything you need to work with metal.
    I have no stock in either of these. They are just great sites and I use them regularly.

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    Re: Sources for Plastics and Hardware

    Other sources:

    For plastic knobs:

    For tools:

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    Wink Re: Sources for Plastics and Hardware

    Another resource
    Have yet to order something that was not in stock, no minimum, same day shipping even ordering well into the afternoon (PC time) Just ordered 6061 Aloy sheet metal, enough for 9 lens boards 26$

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    Re: Sources for Plastics and Hardware

    Does anybody have recommendations for in the UK?


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