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Thread: Painting with Light

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    Painting with Light

    Does anyone remember seeing a great article on "Painting with Light" in the last couple of years, perhaps in a n issue of Photo Techniques? If you have any recollection of such an article, please let me know.

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    Re: Painting with Light

    View Camera has done such articles. It is a technique that came to life again for still life in the early 1990s. It has been used for interior spaces for many, many years.

    steve simmons

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    Re: Painting with Light

    Photo Techniques, Mar/Apr 1996 has a two page article explaining the technique used for the cover shot of a wooden view camera entitled "The Classic View". Not sure if that is the article you were thinking of. The whole issue has great articles for LF photographers. Best regards, Vance Gese

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    Re: Painting with Light

    In Steve Simmons book, Using the View Camera, there is a photo of the inside of a church. It explains step by step how to Paint with Light. The photo is fantastic. I recommend purchasing the book as it is a treasure of information and its all Large Format Photograpy. That something thats hard to come by these days.

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    Re: Painting with Light

    Every year a slew of RIT photo students do a "Big Shot" using some form of light painting techniques...

    On a smaller scale, using fiber optic wands and light modifiers (aka: The Hosemaster) was popular with still-life photographers in the early- to mid-1990s before Photoshop became popular. It was a great way to juice up the bill for a shot with a lot of time and materials. (it is a lot cheaper now! The inventor made so much money off the early versions that he retired to Santa Fe and only came out to shoot $30,000 per day cheesy ad shots.)
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    Re: Painting with Light

    A fairly recent article in ViewCamera comes to mind: "Steinhilber: Ghosts at Twilight" interviewed by none other than Steve Simmonds. VC Jan/Feb '05.
    He's using handheld lights outdoors.

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